Mini Marcos Mk. III, 7129, 47817H, Owner: Peter Tanner (AUS)

os   ns front

rear   front

rear ns   rear os

This one was seen for sale in South Africa in 2012. We believe it was in East London and but was taken to Johannesburg. In September 2014 it turned up for auction in Australia, showing registration CRS 349 EC. At that time it was owned by Derek McLaughlan in Melbourne.

Peter Tanner writes (one or two edits): “The vehicle was purchased in November 201. It was driven from Melbourne (Vic) to Woongarrah (NSW), over one and a half days and some 800 km. The trip was of a very tiring time due to the vehicle being fitted with a race seat and roll cage. The only trouble during the trip was the distributor clamp plate was around the wrong way which allowed the distributor to be loose throwing the timing out,but with the help of The RACV and some washers and tools I was on my way again. The car certainly drew some attention along the way when stopping for petrol and passing motorists.

As per the compliance plate the vehicle was built in South Africa by BMC that may have been only the running gear with the body produced in the UK and shipped over to South Africa. This vehicle sits beside my 1970 MK2 Cooper‘S‘ of Australian manufacture.”

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