Mini Marcos Mk. 3, 7230, 68 ZJ 14 (F), Owner: Bernard Cettour

cool yule   Malvern

Italian Job   MM 7230   68 JZ 14

1 - 2: Steve Rogers brought the car to the Cool Yule Mini Show at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern Wells on November 25th 2001. The car was prepared for historic rallying and had completed the Welsh Classic Rally the previous weekend. (photos: R. Porter)

3: Former owner Jeremy Evans had recently purchased this car which was restored by Steve Rogers (registered as OOR 37G). The car is in its new livery being prepared for The Italian Job run in 2002. (photo: J. Evans)

4: 7230 as owned by Jean-Pierre Cochet-Terrasson in France in 2004. (photo: J-P Cochet=Terrasson)

5: Having swapped the decals for a red stripe and bonnet, the car is now owned by Bernard Cettour. photo: B. Cettour

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