Mini Marcos Mk. III, 7366, AWX 446G (GB), Owner: Jonathan Nichols

L front The car was seen at Henley Classic Minis in December 2001 pending restoration for an MMOC member. The shell had been painted externally but not polished. The wheels and subframes are of course temporary. Owing to lack of progress the order was cancelled and it is believed that Henley Classic Minis has now sold the shell in the same condition.
R front The headlamp and nose recesses and the side windows have been picked out in silver.
louvres Detail of the fake louvres and side windows.
interior The interior trimming has yet to be started. The lack of holes in the tunnel suggests that the car was once fitted with an early "pudding stirrer" gearbox and SPQR remote change.
Thanks to Henley Classic Minis for the facilities. Photos: R. Porter.

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