Mini Marcos Mk. IV, 8007, YCJ 990K (GB), Owner: David Churchill

Speedwell badge

Seats   Dash   Engine

Front left   Front right   Rear left
This car was seen for auction as unfinished project in 2008. David Churchill writes:

“I acquired the car in 2008 and the photo shown (middle row) is basically 'as found' having been in storage in Somerset for many years. The attached photos (bottom row) show it as it is today after nine months of restoration work. Speedwell tuned 1275cc engine, 10" Dunlop alloys, set-up as 2 seater. The previous owner had the car from 1982 until 2008 and it would be interesting to learn about where the Speedwell connection came in? - their badge still adorns the boot valance. It is now for sale.” (August 2009).

Speedwell was well known for tuning and conversion work in the 1960s, particularly with Austin-Healey Sprites.

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