Mini Marcos Mk. III, DH 8241, 96228-H (AUS), Owner: Phil Smethurst

nose section   front bulkhead   rear   interior - front

interior - rear   suspension   front with engine   engine bay, master cylinders
Phil Smethurst writes: “The pictures are of my Mini Marcos resto which I bought a long time ago and used for one year before the engine died ... now the car is prepared as a road car with weekend motorsport intentions. The engine is a 1293cc unit with Richard Longman GT15 head with 1.5 roller rockers and a non scatter 296 Kent cam. There is a reground, cross drilled, wedged, nitrided and centre strapped crank and a few other bits and pieces like a s/c c/r 4 speed box with 1:1 JKD drop gears and a tran-x 4 pin diff. I have done almost all the work myself except for some of the engine machining, the bending of the pipe for the rollcage and the wiring.”

We look forward to seeing the car in action at Prescott for the Marcos 50th anniversary celebrations [2009].

Phil now has the car in Victoria, Australia (see Rob Roy Hillclimb). It was previously registered in the UK as BNE 277B.

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