Mini Marcos Mk. IV, Owner: Unknown (NZ)

RH side   LH side   rear lhs

rear lh low   front   seats

Seen for sale in New Zealand in 2018 for NZ$10k. “This Mini Marcos is all new. Never been on the road. Has a MNZ log book ... Has fully rebuilt 1275cc 11 stud engine with cam and Weber DCOE40 and headers. Cooper front disc brakes. New cloth wiring loom and seats, 10 inch Mini Lights Same model shell that ran in the 1966/7 Le Mans 24 hour Due to ill heath [seller is] unable to finish this project.”

Of course this car is a Mk.IV so not the same model that ran in the 1966 or 1967 Le Mans.

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Last updated 7th January, 2019