Mini Marcos Mk. III, JVM178 GP (ZA), Owner: Gerrie Everts

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Tertius van Zyl restored this South African built Mini Marcos in Johannesburg. Tertius wrote:

"December 2002 was the start of a further challenge [see Banshee] when I discovered a previously unbuilt (believe it or not!) 'basket case' Mk.III Mini Marcos shell lying in the corner of a heavy industry factory in Jo'burg. So back to the garage to devote all my available hours to 'Fugly' (the significance of the name is perhaps lost on none MM owners!). Fugly was literally a bare shell — no dash, engine flitch panels or any sort of drillings or indication of where things should go — hence my bleatings to Roger Garland, as we don‘t exactly have a plethora of reference vehicles in this country.

"I am now basically a 'Kit Car Builder/Constructor' rolled into one as I have modified the Marcos to cope with the high altitude (6000ft) and high temperature (30°C) here by cutting holes were there were none before in order to let in some more air, both to the motor and to the occupants. A suitable picture will follow when she is ready to be revealed for club scrutiny.

"I think Ian Allbon in Pietermaritzburg and I in Johannesburg are the only two MMOC Club members in South Africa and we have both been trying to find out what happened to the 40 or so cars that were built here under license. To my knowledge we have located only two definite runners and about 12 'work in progresses' scattered around the country — but there may be more. Ian recently waylaid a tow truck in his hometown to end up purchasing his second Marcos that is thought to be the original UK built car (#7154) that came to South Africa with the moulds as a 'sample' prior to production having commenced here.

February 2007: "After 37 months Fugly rides! A far cry from the pics at the top and apart from numerous rattles and squeeks and a few more bits and pieces to sort out, everything else seems to be OK." (Photos: T. van Zyl)

March 2012: Tertius reported “It is with profound sadness that I am advising that Fugly has moved on to a new owner.”. The owner in question is a collector in Pretoria, but we understand that the car will continue to be used.

See also An African Odyssey by Tertius van Zyl.

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