Cars In The Park 2007

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, 20th May

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Ian Allbon writes (with a few edits):

“We had a very successful Cars in the Park show here in Pietermaritzburg. We had hoped to get six cars here but two of the chaps didn't pitch so we only ended up with four. This is however (as far as I know) the only time that there has ever been more than one Marcos on a Show at any one time in South Africa. It was a huge success and generated an enormous amount of interest with the public as well as other exhibitors.

“Brian Raubenheimer was there [seen in Tertius Van Zyl's car on the second row] and kept on coming back to the stand.

“Tertius Van Zyl drove his car down from Johannesburg and despite a few problems got here safely. His car is quite beautifully restored. He has done it almost exactly to original spec (except the bonnet). Even the inside of the engine bay is coated and painted. You could eat your breakfast in there!!

“Fritz Koch also came down from Johannesburg but he towed his car. His is the white car. Again this car is done very nicely. He is going to do Historical racing in it so the interior is quite sparse. His youngest son has 65 Mini Dinky cars and is a fanatic so I don't think Fritz had much choice.

“Gordon Guthrie brought the Red Car (the one with the white stripe over the roof). This is my old car which is a British shell. He hasn't done much to it since last year.

“Alan Fick came up from Durban with his car, also on a trailer. His car is not in good shape as he spends a lot of time racing his Mini Cooper however it was nice just to get another body there.

“We also look to have found another two cars from chaps at the show. One in Pretoria and another in Randburg.

The second picture (top row) shows the owners - left to right: Fritz, Gordon, Alan and Tertius.”
(Photos: I. Allbon (1-5), T. Van Zyl (6-7))

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