International Mini Meeting

Morges, Switzerland, 29th - 31st May 1998


Mike brown



From the top: MMOC parade on the showground. Cars of Phil Adams (nearest the camera), Andy Wright, Roger and Melanie Garland, Richard Porter, Mike Brown and Siân Hellyar, and Keith and Ruth Rose.

Mike Brown (Mini Jem) prepares to depart on the winners' parade around the town, with Swiss-owned Unipower GT for company.

Silly games: the helmsman on top of the Mini had to shout commands to the driver in the blacked-out car.

Club members pose with their cars befor departing. l to r: Keith Rose, Ruth Rose, Richard Porter, Phil Adams, Allan Brown, Andy Wright, Mike Brown, Siân Hellyar.

(Photos: R. Porter, the last with some help.)

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