West of England Kit Car Show

Malvern Wells, August 2001

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club stand The club stand early on, with the photographer's Mini Marcos nearest. (40k)
later The club stand a bit later. One group turned up in a Mini and a Marcos, so we said "OK"! (35k)
Peter Hanman's Mini Marcos Mk.III (60k)
Midas Richard Oakes's "best ever" Midas design - Mike Perkins's new K-series Coupé (53k)
Tomcat The Mini-engined Onyx Tomcat on display in the exhibition. (48k)
Probe From the same designers as the Marcos Coupé, this is the Adams Brothers' Probe. (43k)
Rochdale A true classic kit car - Tony Stanton's Rochdale Olympic (48k)

(Photos: R. Porter)

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