Newtown Dial-a-ride Charity Event 2004

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Club Cars
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Derek Watts's Mk.III
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Meal Time
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Mike Perkins -> Ginetta
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A few photos of the Newtown Dial-a-Ride Charity event in Wales. Club members and cars present were Roger and Melanie Garland (red Mk.V), Derek Watts (yellow Mk.III), Howard Plant (red Mk.III), Keith Rose (white Kingfisher), Ian Hayward (restyled red Mk.III) and Mike Perkins (yellow Midas). The MGC belongs to former member David Watts who has recently acquired a Status Minus.

Roger Garland reports that the weather was lovely and it was a very enjoyable event in support of a good cause for which Mike Perkins (picture 4) raised 47p with his hat!

(Photos: R. Garland)

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