Cars In The Park 2008

Zwartkops Raceway, Pretoria, South Africa, 3rd August

Mini Marcoses   Duncan's MM   Fritz's MM

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Words and pictures by Tertius Van Zyl

A Johannesburg contingent of four MMs was on display at the Pretoria Old Motor Club (POMC) Cars in the Park on Sunday 3rd August at Zwartkops Raceway outside Pretoria. A special effort was made by Club Member Fritz Koch who trailered his race car and left it at the track at dawn before the gates opened as he was unable to attend the event during the day due to previous commitments. Joining Tertius van Zyl and Stuart Greig for the first time was Duncan McLeod who drove his car up from Vereeniging (250km round trip). Duncan says he gets bored with a plain coloured car hence the latest look that smacks of Disney's Cars movie. It did draw a lot of attention though!

The event, billed as the biggest in South Africa, attracted some 2,500 cars of various descriptions.

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