National Kit Car Motor Show, Stoneleigh, 3rd-4th May 2009

traffic queue   Unipower GT   Sunday

VX Mini   VX Mini   Minus

Leccy Midas   Monday   Monday

FRA Mini

Top: traffic queues up to enter the showground; Mark Butler's Unipower GT; busy club stand on Sunday.
Row 2: Vauxhall engined Mini from Extreme Sportscars; bike-engined Minus.
Row 3: Leccy-tech Midas (less batteries); club stand on Monday - a bit quieter, but we're augmented by
four Marcos coupés. (Photos: R. Porter)
Bottom: FRA Mini (“Frink”)

More from “Frink” on Flickr here and here.

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Last updated Wednesday 19th May, 2009