Mini Jems Mk.1 and Mk.2 at Dijon, France

Top: Gilles Vacher (left - Mk.1 - keen as mustard) and Claude Cassina (right - Mk.2 - hot as chilli). Gilles writes:

"I wish to join the MMOC as I've just finished my racing Maxi 1000 Mini Jem. I bought this car four years ago, and it took three years to restore it from bare shell.

"Unlike Claude Cassina's whose winning car is powered by a full race 1071 Cooper S, mine received a modest Cooper 998 but with a well prepared 1300 big valve cylinder head, a racing camshaft, two HS4 SU carbs, steel light weight flywheel, and traditional LCB. Brakes are from a 1300 S. Our regulations forbid Hi-Los, adjustable tie rods, lower arms, anti roll bar etc. Most of competitors have straight cut close ratio gear box and LS Diff. I don't. We all compete on Falken tyres.

"All Maxi 1000 competitors arrive on Friday afternoon and leave on Sunday. Most eat and sleep in the paddock for the full weekend. That contributes to create a close knit group of friends and a warm atmosphere. MAXI1000 is the "smallest" historic racing category, but I think not the least ! On the tarmac, you can see a great show, and the audience really appreciates and supports our little funny cars."

The lower photo gives a good side by side comparison of the Mk.1 and Mk.2 Jems.

Thanks to Jaen-Pierre Cochet-Terrasson for the translation and photos. See also Maxi 1000, 2003.

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Last updated Saturday 13th December, 2003