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Maxi 1000 Series, 2003

Jean-Pierre Cochet-Terrasson writes (with minor changes):

"Claude Cassina won the 2003 French TROPHEE MAXI 1000 Championship with his Jem (left), and he won all the races since the beginning of the 2004 season. In fact he painted his Jem in red (white & blue before), fitted a 1071cc full race engine, and sevelopped the handling.

"The 'TROPHEE MAXI 1000' (for 1000cc...) was created 6 years ago to allow modest racers and cars to compete in two classes: up to 850cc and up to 1000cc.: Minis, NSU, Dauphine, 4CV(!), Fiat Abarth 595 SS and +... ONLY in historic races. Cars must be pre 1971.

"Three years ago, the French Federation of Auto Sport (FFSA) decreed that the 'TROPHEE MAXI 1000' had to accept cars up to 1150cc. This introduced a new dimension (cost increasing) as the 1071 Cooper S arrived with all the Works options: SC ratio gear box, LSD, 45 Weber, Carillo connecting rods and Viseco pistons etc. So for winning today, you need a 1071 S. The Mini Cooper S are not far behind Claude. They are heavier, but easier to pilot (better position and viewing). So some Marcos and Jem were entered in this 'TROPHEE MAXI 1000', (they did not want to accept my LWR JEM(!!!) because of removable front end and rear suspension (Speedex type)... which I wanted to bring with a 998 and not even a 1071 that I could not have afforded.

"Today, new challenger cars are arriving: Ginetta G15 and NSU 1000 TTS.

"This trophy, which was laughed at by the race establisment at the biginning, who considered it a 'ridiculous-proletarian formula' (4CV, BMW 700S...), is now one of the spectator preferred races... Popular cars are still in the race: 4CV 'Le mans' delivery, Dauphine "1093", and even two terrible 560 kg/70BHP TRABANT... but also JEM, Marcos, now one Cox GTM, G15, Honda 800S Racing, Alpine A110 1108 and Matra jets..."

The Mini Marcos on the right won the 850cc class.

The link on each picture displays a larger image.

Images kindly supplied by J-P Cochet-Terrasson (some © Team Grente Associés)

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