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Ollie and trophies

Fastest Mini In the World Races

Silverstone, 7th-8th August 2004

Pete Crudgington's victorious Granny Smith Racing Mini Marcos Mk. IV with driver Ollie Howell at the circuit. Pete writes:

"Photo above shows our 3 cars before the second race.

  • Sarah Levics, Metro, Qualified 17/23, First race 14th, Second race 14th
  • Ollie Howell, Granny Smith, Qualified 2/23, First race 1st, Second race 2nd.
  • Julian Howell, Mini, Qualified 5/23, First race DNF, Second race 5th.

"Below is Ollie with the car after the second race with the trophies etc."

For the record, Pete Edwards was on pole with a 296bph Vauxhall 2 litre Maguire spaceframe Mini which caught fire in the first race and won the second. Ollie Howell outqualified and beat some awesome machinery including Bill Richards's BDA Maguire Metro, two KAD DOHC engined cars and the 3.2 litre BMW M3 powered Mini of Andy Howard. It just goes to show what a well set-up Mini Marcos can achieve!

Note the new racing front end fitted since Castle Combe last year.

(Photos: P. Crudgington)

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