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Cars of the Month 2004

This page lists the photos featured on the home page in 2004. (Slideshow)

Mike Bastiana January: Mike Bastiana, KAD 16v DOHC Mini Marcos Mk. IV DH8225 July: Alan Hart's superbly engineered Mini Marcos Mk. IV seen at Knebworth Park in 1996.
Bob deShane February: Bob deShane, Mini Marcos Mk. V, at Mosport, Canada Paul Mitchell August: Paul Mitchell's radically restyled Taylorspeed Mini Jem in South Australia.
Allan Brown March: Allan Brown, Mini Marcos Mk. III, Longleat Hillclimb, UK Ollie and Granny September: Ollie Howell with Pete Crudgington's Granny Smith Racing Mini Marcos Mk. IV after winning the Fastest Mini in the World title at Silverstone Circuit.
TransXL Mk. IV April: "The most successful Marcos ever built" - The TransXL Mk. IV Rae Davis's Mk.III October: Back from the Classic Le Mans, Rae Davis's Mini Marcos Mk.III at the Ace Café London.
MM7073 May: Andy Seward's Mk. III Mini Marcos originally imported into Sweden by Bo Elmhorn and now residing in Arizona, USA. DH8373 November: Nick Marfleet's newly restored Mini Marcos Mk. IV.
MM7506 June: Howard Plant's Mk. III Mini Marcos at the International Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh in May 2004. MM7497 December: Nicolas Calleweart's Mini Marcos Mk.III glistens in the snow.

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