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Cars of the Month 2006

This page lists the photos featured on the home page in 2006. (Slideshow)

Phil Wadsley January: Phil Wadsley's highly successful modsports Mini Jem Mk. 2 in action at Oulton Park in around 1992. 9008 July: Claus Geitner-Andersen's Mk. V Mini Marcos in Denmark.
Mini Marcos 8081 February: The late Morten Deenfort's Mini Marcos at the 1992 International Marcos Rally in Sweden. The car is now owned by Per Hahn in Denmark. (Photo: Colin Wrigglesworth) DH 8026 August: Fujio Wako's Mk. IV Mini Marcos seen at a time trial near Mt. Fuji, Japan.
Mini Marcos 9047 March: Seiko Kitamura's Mk. V Mini Marcos 9047 in Japan.
Photo from Marcos Freak, Japan.
MI1 at Phoenix Park September: Des Quinn's Marcos Ireland Mk.III, MI1 at Phoenix Park. (Photo by "Maxi".)
YTF 713J April: Ian Johnson's Mini Marcos Mk. III on Madiera Drive, Brighton, at the end of the 2000 London-Brighton Mini Run. The car is now owned by Petter Jakob Bjerve in Norway. DH8230 October: François Cristou's Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH8230 taking part in the Ronde des Chateaux in 2005.
7198 May: Ian Hayward's newly repainted Mini Marcos Mk.III debuts at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show on 30th April and 1st May 2006. Taylorspeed Jem November: The Mini Jem was made in Australia by John Taylor and sold as a Taylorspeed Jem. This car illustrates Tony Shaw's article in Minijem Plus.
Foggy in Poland June: Richard Porter's Mini Marcos Mk. IV caught in action during the 2006 International Mini Meeting in Podlesice, Poland by Piotr Zacny. (larger photo) Marcos GT December: Rory McMath competes in an AC Owners Club sprint at Goodwood on 4th November 2006 with the Marcos Heritage Mk. VI GT demonstrator - actually the ex-John Dickens Mini Marcos Mk. III.

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