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Cars of the Month 2014

This page lists the photos featured on the home page during 2014. (Slideshow)

MM 6027 January: Sébastien Muré’s stunning new photos of his Mini Marcos Mk.I no. 6027 guaranteed car of the month. The car was restored by André Bechler in 2005-7 and has clearly been kept in top condition. MM 9045 July: Hiroyuki Nakazawa’s Mini Marcos Mk.V in Japan
Mini Jem 315 February: Nick Evans’s Mini Jem Mk.2, MJ TB 315 at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in May 2003. Mini Jem Mk.3 August: Benoit Gassmann’s superb shot of Arnaud Leininger in his Mini Jem Mk.3 on the historic Turckheim - 3 Epis Hillclimb.
MM 8052 March: Nicolas Mire’s Marcos Ltd. Mini Marcos Mk.IV, 8052 in France. (N. Mire) MM7056 September: Just restored - Steve Schmidt’ superb Mini Marcos Mk.III no.7056, one of two imported into Australia.
MM 7472 April: Jiri Plevka alias Jack Beerow competing in an Edda Cup race at Circuit Most, Czech Republic, on 29th March 2014. Good timing! The car is Mini Marcos Mk.III no.7472. (Milos Jenclk) MM 7129 October: Two in a row from down under. Mini Marcos Mk.III no. 7129 was previously in South Africa but is now in Australia and has been advertised for auction by Derek McLaughlan.
MM 7504 May: James Beeton’s recently acquired Mini Marcos Mk.III no.7504 sports a classic racing front end. MJ 1157 November: Goff Allen’s newly restored Mini Jem Mk.2, RS-M2-1157
Mini Jem in Malta June: Mario Aquilina’ Mk.2 Mini Jem in Malta. MM 8047 December: Takahide Natsuga’s Marcos Ltd. Mk.IV number 8047. This front end restyling seems to be very popular in Japan.

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