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Cars of the Month 2020

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7096 January: Kieron Peake’s Mini Marcos Mk.III no. 7096 in action. (Eddie Kelly)
BL Cars Jem Mk.2 February: Mk. 2 Mini Jem posted by BL Cars in Japan. Sadly we can't translate the Japanese.
DH8241 March: Phil Smethurst’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8241 rests in the paddock at the Rob Roy Hillclimb whilst taking part in the Victorian Hillclimb Championship in Australia.
RS C 1055 April: Pete Crudgington’s Mk. 1 Mini Jem recently restored for historic racing. (P.Crudgington)
MM 7332 May: James Young’s Mini Marcos Mk. 3 no. 7332, which he’s spent a year restoring. (J. Young)
DH8164 June: Isao Takahubo’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV no. DH8146 in Japan. Note that the main digits of the registration are an anagram of the body number.
RS-A-5062 July: Goff Allen’s newly restored Mk. 1 Mini Jem
DZ-80-04 (NL) August: Mini Marcos Mk. III DZ-80-04 (NL) recently advertised in Not sure about the registration.
NDJ 819F September: Mini Marcos NDJ 819F seen on We would appreciate any information on the car or event.
DH 8161 October: Lynda Herbert’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8161 seem at the Mini Action Day at Castle Combe Circuit in 2009. (R. Porter)
DG 8429 November: Koichi Watanuki in his Mini Marcos DH 8492, competing in Japan. This is the highest numbered Mk.IV we know about.
Keith Wooley December: Keith Wooley, Mini Marcos Mk.III, in action on the Loton Park Hillclimb on 14th August 2005.

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