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Cars of the Month 2021

This page lists the photos featured on the home page from January 2021. "Car of the Month" will feature the best suitable photo submitted each month, or in the absence of anything suitable one of our existing photos. Please send new photos with owner, photographer (if different) and car details to webmaster at If possible please reduce images to not more than 1024 x 768 or 1072 x 712 pixels.

The link on each photo leads to more details and photos of the car, or a larger photo.


Mk.I in Malta January: Kenneth Spiteri’s recently restored Mini Marcos Mk.I on the island of Malta. (K. Spiteri)
BL Cars Jem Mk.2 February: Mini Marcos, 6029, restored and then owned by Roger Garland, poses at Mont St. Michel in Normandy. This is a Mk.1 car with a Mk.4 front end (and wide arches). (R. Garland)
mm 7538 March: Ivan Navarro’s newly restored Mini Marcos Mk. III no. 7538 in Spain. (I. Navarro)
UZO 836 April: Taylorspeed Mini Jem UZO 836 in Western Australia (
MM 7098 May: Javi Casillas with his Mk.III Minimarcos, 7098 in Spain.
MM7336 June: Tony Wheeler’s Mk. III Mini Marcos, 7336 in the UK in 1969. After some European jaunts it found its way to Australia and ended up in Japan.
WTN 262H July: If you know anything about this tidy looking Mini Marcos Mk. IV please let us know.
MM7026 August: Joel Thépault’s Mini Marcos Mk. II number 7026 circa 2012.
Jem 568 September: Mini Jem seen at Zandvoort Classic 2021 in the Netherlands. Superb photo by Sabine Waskönig. Thanks to Helmut Kasimirowics for posting it.
DZ-93-08 (NL) October: Mathijs Van Mullem’s stunning shot of his superb Mini Marcos Mk.III.
Keoki's Mk.IV November: Keoki Cooper Molina’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV in California. (Posted in Marcos Mini)
H7601 BBD December: Francisco Javier Correa’s resprayed Mini Marcos Mk.IV in Spain. (Posted in Marcos Mini

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