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Cars of the Month 2021

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Mk.I in Malta January: Kenneth Spiteri’s recently restored Mini Marcos Mk.I on the island of Malta. (K. Spiteri)
BL Cars Jem Mk.2 February: Mini Marcos, 6029, restored and then owned by Roger Garland, poses at Mont St. Michel in Normandy. This is a Mk.1 car with a Mk.4 front end (and wide arches). (R. Garland)
mm 7538 March: Ivan Navarro’s newly restored Mini Marcos Mk. III no. 7538 in Spain. (I. Navarro)
UZO 836 April: Taylorspeed Mini Jem UZO 836 in Western Australia (
MM 7098 May: Javi Casillas with his Mk.III Minimarcos, 7098 in Spain.
MM7336 June: Tony Wheeler’s Mk. III Mini Marcos, 7336 in the UK in 1969. After some European jaunts it found its way to Australia and ended up in Japan.
WTN 262H July: If you know anything about this tidy looking Mini Marcos Mk. IV please let us know.
MM7026 August: Joel Thépault’s Mini Marcos Mk. II number 7026 circa 2012.
Jem 568 September: Mini Jem seen at Zandvoort Classic 2021 in the Netherlands. Superb photo by Sabine Waskönig. Thanks to Helmut Kasimirowics for posting it.
DZ-93-08 (NL) October: Mathijs Van Mullem’s stunning shot of his superb Mini Marcos Mk.III.
Keoki's Mk.IV November: Keoki Cooper Molina’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV in California. (Posted in Marcos Mini)
H7601 BBD December: Francisco Javier Correa’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV in Spain.

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