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Spring 2016

Covers: Sébastien Muré’s Mini Marcos Mk.1 6027 in France; Midas Mk.2 photo from Alternative Car.
Midas Owners Club AGM 2016; Mini Marcos Owners Club AGM.
Mini Marcos and Mini Jem in Print - Richard Heseltine article in Complete Kitcar.
Letters: Mini Marcos Glass, Ian Hamilton’s Mini Marcos Mk.V 6569 VB.
The Changing Fortunes of Midas Cars (Part 2).
For Sale - Mini Marcos Mk.IV DH 8334 in Escondido CA.
Mini Jem Barn Find - Richard Proudlove’s Mk.2, UMD 480F.
More Midas Matters, Competition Time.
Midas Mk.2 Road Test - reprinted from Alternative Car magazine.
These Are Not Your Average Shows and Events! - Stoneleigh and Le Mans Classic.
Building My Dream Garage by Allan Brown.
Mini Marcos Mk.VI - ad from Marcos Heritage.
Marcos Mini Briefs!
Mini Action Day - reprint from Maxi Austin Magazine (France) featuring Mini Marcos 50 at Castle Combe.
Water Cooled (guess who) N.B. NOT your webmaster!
Liverpool Pier Head - 2015: Mini Marcos Mk.IV in Cunard 175 Transatlantic event.
The Donington Experience 2016 - invitation from Marcos Owners Club.
For Sale: Paul Brandt’s Mini Marcos Mk.1 6108 in Finland.

Summer 2016

Covers: overgrown Midas in Wales, 1966 Le Mans poster.
Mini Jem Pedal Cars - Part Two by Paul Mitchell.
Prescott Charity Meeting 14 & 15 May - report.
1966 Anecdotes of a Teenage Ride in an Early Mini Marcos, to Mk. V Style Wheel Arches by Richard Stow.
Midas Mk. 3 Coupé Heater Unit Repair by Andrew Beeson.
Le Mans Mini Marcos Pewter Model by Roger Garland.
Stoneleigh 2016 - a personal view from Michael Horsley.
Mini Marcos Owners Club - Notes of the Annual General Meeting held on 1st May.
MMOC Cash Flow Statement for the Year 2015/2016.
News from Germany by Martin Beuttler (8003).
Mini Marcos Model by Dirk Palypas. N.B. this is available as a kit of parts.
For Sale: Mini Marcos Mk.IV MAJ 124F, DH8178.
Mini Jem Jottings, Mini Marcos Briefs.
For Sale: Mini Marcos Mk. III OFB 414L 7144
Mixed Midas Matters by Mike Perkins and Tony Moss.

Autumn 2016

Covers: Club cars (front) and race cars (back) at Le Mans Classic 2016.
Castle Combe - Mini Action Day 17 Sept 2016 by Roger Garland
Gauge Wizard Mk. 3 - product review.
Le Mans Classic 2016 by Roger Garland and Eric Cettour.
Midas Hood - Frame Modifications by Derek Leach.
Wow - Nice Car Marco: letter from Marco Prenner in Austria, Mini Marcos Mk.IV.
Midas at the Bristol Classic Car Show.
Le Mans 1966 Mini Marcos Pewter Model from Roger Garland; Mini Marcos Mk.IV diarama kit from Dirk Palapys.
Mini Marcos Matters - snippets from around the world.
HPM Mini Jem advertisement circa 1973.
Midas Brake Pressure (or lack of it!) by Stephen Hamnett.
Classic Britich Welcome Festival June 2017, Saturnin, France - advance information.
Rare Veranti Car Offered for Sale; Side Screen Rubber.
The Story of a Scottish Kit Car OAD 480M / For Sale - Mini Marcos Road/Track Car by Grant Wilson.
Midas Torque
Correct Tyre Storage and Tyre Care - advice from
Books: Maximum Mini 1 and Making My Marque.
Midas Owners Club Regalia; Spark Mini Marcos; Mini Jem Cloth Badges

Winter 2016

Covers: Midas club stand at Castle Combe, Paolo Arbizzani’s workshop with Mini Marcos project.
My Car is for Life, Not Just for Christmas by Joost Van Diën.
Haynes Rare Breeds and some imagination by Michael Horsley.
Driving at Night - Myself, I Can’t see the Problem by Roger Garland (adapted from Later Life).
Shows and Events 2017 - Brooklands Mini Day, London-Brighton Mini Run.
Le Mans 1966 Mini Marcos Pewter Model by Roger Garland.
Midas Factory Open Day 2016 by Sadim, photos by Mike Perkins.
Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs - survey report.
The MoT Headlamp Aim Test has Changed (UK).
Mini Briefs and Bloomers.
BristolClassic Car Show aka The Classic Vehicle Restoration Show.
25th Anniversary of The Mini Marcos Owners Club 48 Hour Rebuild - Stoneleigh 1991.
ECO 2 (B or not 2B) - Richard Oakes’s Mini-powered runabout from 1990.
Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax) in the UK (for new cars).
Castle Combe Mini Action Day.
Another Great Service from the MMOC - The Book Club. Maximum Mini 2 in stock.
Midas Owners Club Regalia; also MMOC Spares and Regalia Price Lists.
Mini Marcos Restoration in Sweden by Fredrik.
My First Midas by Christopher Pickup.
Classic British Welcome 15th - 18th June 2017 at Le Mans - invitation (in French).
A Mixture of Midas Matters.
Great News for Mini Marcos Owners - Headlamp Cover Fittings are back in stock!
Minimorphosis - article from Mini Mechanics featuring Miidas RNF 555W.

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