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Spring 2015

Covers: Jem and Lyn Marsh; Patric Nicolas’s Mini Jem LWR-RS-1119.
R.I.P. The Main Man - Jem Marsh dies at 84.
Mini Marcos 50th Anniversary 1965-2015 - some history and special memorabilia offer by Roger Garland.
Does your Midas or Mini Marcos run on Sweetcorn? - problems with bioethanol by David Johnson.
MMOC Mini Briefs - Adam Delmonte’s Mini Jem, Alain Jacquart’s Mini Marcos at Montlhèry and 2015 Euregio date.
Midas Owners Ckub AGM details.
Midas O.C. at Stoneleigh (and Prescott and the Open Day) by Michael Horsley.
Mini Marcos Owners Club AGM - Monday 4th May at 11:00hrs.
Mini Jem Owners - It’s Time to Splosh the Dosh (on a heated front windscreen). Photo: Goff Allen’s Mini Jem Mk.2 RS-M2-1157.
Mini Jem for Sale - Patric Nicolas’s lightweight racing Jem.
Car Insurance in the UK - Seven ways to save on your car insurance.
An Update from the Tropics - Roy Taylor’s former race car neglected in Guyana.
For Sale: Philippe Soulier’ Mini Marcos Mk.III no. 7408 (SOLD).
Best place to break down – Arromanches? (or Miracle in Arromanches!) 7th July 2014 by Richard Delaney. Mini Marcos Mk.IV no. 8269.
Motor Sports Association - An open letter from the MSA Chief Executive regarding spectator safety.
Midas Owners Club Events 2014. Midas Owners Club 30 Year Celebrations.
Peel P50 + Peel Trident - a letter from the company.
50 years of the Mini Marcos - special celebration at Castle Combe, Calne and Sparkford. 26th - 27th September 2015.

Summer 2015

Covers: David Johnson’s Midas at Prescott; Mini Marcos stand at Brooklands Mini Day.
50 Years of the Mini Marcos - celebration event at Castle Combe, Calne and Sparkford.
Midas Owners Club AGM 2015 and 30th Anniversary Celebrations.
Mini Marcos Owners Club Membership - renewal reminders.
The Big Welsh Classic Car Show 2015 - entry form.
My Fantasy Midas by Justin (Jin) King.
Mini Marcos Restoration Questions from Mike Raeburn; answers from John Dickens.
50 Year Bundle Deals - polo shirt, key ring and pewter Mini Marcos model.
Stoneleigh - Well, Stuff my Boot! by Neil Franklin (Midas)
Midas Owners Club - The next 30 Years by Alistair Courtney.
Rebuilding Mini Marcos CYT 999H Part One by Malcolm Francis (previously published in mag 14).
Midas 30 Year Anniversary: Prescott Hill Climb - May 2015.
Euregio Meeting 2015 - preview.
Niggly Midas Faults by Mike Perkins.
Anyone Fancy a Mini Jem Challenge - EBY 698D project for sale in Inverness.
For Sale: Midas Gold, Mini Marcos Mk.I.

Autumn 2015

Covers: Mini Marcos 50th Anniversary emblem; Midas, Mini Marcos and Mini Jem at Beekbergen (NL).
In memory of David Johnson (former Membership Secretary of Midas OC) by Tony Moss.
Mini Marcos Briefs and Bloomers - news from members.
Rebuilding Mini Marcos - CYT 999H Part Two by Malcolm Francis.
Claytonrite Window Rubber Fitting Guidelines by Roger Garland.
The Cotswold Tour - Classics at Prescott by Alistair Courtney.
Midas Matters - shows and more; Stoneleigh 2015 - A Personal View by Michael Horseley - Midas OC.
Thoresby Hall Car Show by Richard Streets - Midas OC.
I Have Reached the “Daft Questions” Stage by Mike Raeburn; Roger Garland replies.
It’ll be very nice when it’s finished by Tony Doherty (Mini Marcos rolling shell).
Game Changer - article on Martin Loram’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH 8325 reprinted from Mini Magazine.
Le Mans Classic 8/9/10 Juillet 2016 - Le compte à rebours commence - preparing a Mk.I Mini Marcos for the Classic by Roger Young.
Midas Factory Open Day - 19 July 2015 (photo by Kelvin Kinkade) and Check Your Connections by Michael Horsley MOC - Club Treasurer.

Winter 2015

Covers: Midas stand at the Classic Car Restoration Show; Club cars in formation at Castle Combe.
Classic Car Restoiration Show, Shepton Mallett by Michael Horsley.
Mini Jem Pedal Cars by Paul Mitchell, Adelaide.
The Changing Fortunes of Midas Cars (Part 1) by Alistair Courtney.
Other Midas Matters (Kalvin Kincaid, Mike and Sandra Axford, Meredith Phillips).
One Very Special Year Approaches.... Le Mans 24 hours and Le Mans Classic 2016.
Mini Marcos Mk.IV for sale in Belgium.
The Le Mans Mini Marcos 1966 by Billy Dulles.
Mini Marcos 50 Years by Mike Perkins - Castle Combe - Marcos Heritage - Haynes Museum.
Circuit Internationale des Remparts, Angoulème by Eric Cettour.
MMOC Club Mugs - celebrating Mini Marcos 50th anniversary.
Mini Marcos Briefs and Bloomers (Peter Tanner, Grant Wilson, Jens Lagerqvis, Lyn Marsh, Richard Porter, Patrick Gicquel).
Mini Jem Jottings (Richard Porter, Trevor Powell, Roger Garland, patrick Nicolas, Goff Allen).
Robin Statham 1944 - 2015.
Mini Marcos Restoration Project in Belgium.
Shows and Events 2016 - Brooklands Mini Day, IMM in Lommel, London - Brighton Mini Run.

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