National Kit Car Show 2001, Stoneleigh

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sails The stiff breeze tests out the new club "sails". (38 kbytes)
Twins Dave and Tim Evans make an early get-away. (31 kbytes)
Sprint Allan Jeffery's Kingfisher steals the show (again). (45 kbytes)
BarBQ The barbecue gets underway. (44 kbytes)
Bangers Mike Perkins turns the sausages. (38 kbytes)
mound Allan Brown has found an appropriate place to park the Freestyle ... (31 kbytes)
off road ... on the off-road course thoughtfully provided near the club stand. (67 kbytes)
Melanie Melanie tries out some alternative transport, courtesy of Geoff King. (40 kbytes)
(Photos: R. Porter)

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