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Cars of the Month 2009

This page lists the photos featured on the home page during 2009. (Slideshow)

RS-M2-1095 January: Tim Neal's Fellpoint Mini Jem Mk.2 emerged from restoration in New Zealand during 2008. D.A.R.T July: Stefan Wray’s recreation of Dizzy Addicott's D.A.R.T which was the inspiration for what became the Mini Jem and the Mini Marcos. The car is seen here at Goodwood in June 2009.
8178 February: Steve Rogers’s Mk. IV Mini Marcos, DH8178, which he has restored from a scrapyard rescue in six weeks' intensive work. Bob Polak at Mosport August: Bob Polak debuts Mini Marcos 7104 at Mosport, Canada in June 2009, following a full restoration. He’s hotly pursued by Zaphod Beeblebrox, it would appear.
7262 March: Roald Folvik's Mk.III Mini Marcos racing in Norway (Photo © 2008 'JIN') AE-57-97 September: Frank Morskate sets off on the Prescott Speed Hillclimb during the Marcos 50th Anniversary celebrations on 16.8.2009. The car is now sporting Le Mans 1966 livery (R. Porter)
7036 April: Raphael Blatty,s Mini Marcos Mk.III, no 7036, being pursued in the Arosa Classic Mountain Race in Switzerland in September 2008. Don't worry, the fuzz didn't catch hin! October: Ewen Sergison's Mini Marcos Mk.III rests on the Mini Marcos stand at Prescott, 16.6.2009 before the 'incident'. (Graham Bichard)
8314 May: Sylvain Gauffre’s D&H Mini Marcos Mk.IV in France. 7172 November: Victorien Drogou’s Mini Marcos Mk.III in La Rochelle, France.
9049 June: Melanie Garland's Mini Marcos Mk.V no. 9049 at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show, 2009. (Photo: R. Porter) 7494 December: Mini Marcos 7494 makes a Christmassy picture in Hokkaido, Japan. Thanks to Neil Kilbane for spotting the car on the web.

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