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Spring 2011

Covers: Romain Gauvin’s concept drawing for an updated Mini Marcos; Gigi Taverna’s Mini marcos Mk.III in Italy.
Kit Cars and Kayaks - Ancient and Modern, including Mini Marcos 7402.
The First Ever Marcos Only Race (|What about the Mantis Challenge? - RP) - Easter Monday Castle Combe meeting.
The End of Flat Tyres as We Know Them - miracle wunder-bullet.
Midas Message, from the Club Treasurer; MMOC Annual General Meeting - Notice.
A Barn Find in Vancouver, Canada - Iain Ayre’s unstarted Mini Marcos Mk.IV kit, 8042.
Mini Wheel Bearings by John Dickens - all you need to know and more, including a useful tool.
Are You Covered? - new continuous insurance rules.
Midas Owners Club AGM - Notice; Towing Points (warning).
A Note from Utrecht, Netherlands by Gert-Jan Westerweld, featuring Mini Marcos 6129.
Moffat Classic Car Rally 25th/26th June 2011, Southern Scotland by Alan Donowho (pull the other one - RP).
Morris Lubricants - Q & A (advertising feature).
From Mike the Midas - an MMOC Member: LED sidelights from Lidl, in car heating (or lack of).
Curborough Sprint Day, 11th June by Roger Garland - CMI meeting.

Summer 2011

Covers: Pete Crudgington, Ollie Howell and the Granny Smith Racing team at Castle Combe; a pair of Pellandini in Australia.
Two Clubs - Many Nations: news from members around the globe.
A Midas in Scotland by Jonathan D. Evans (Q737 GFR).
Driving Under the Influence (Do not try this at home!!!) by Ian Hayward.
Mini Marcos Rebuild (Part One) by Peter Bremner.
Replacement Exhaust for a Midas Bronze by Jonathan D. Evans.
Mini Transfer Gears by John Dickens.
Stoneleigh 2011 - Midas Style by Michael.
Pellandini Freak by Fran Kinsmore, Australia.
The Croft Nostalgia Weekend, 6th & 7th August 2011 - preview.
Classic and Sports Car Club President’s Cup - 25th April 2011: race report featuring Mini Marcoses of Pete Crudgington (driven to victory by Ollie Howell), Ewan “McStig” Sergison and Gideon Hudson.
Club stuff, including AGM Reports, events, etc.
Cars for sale including Mini Marcoses AAA 60C, JHU 1P and MCM 561.

Autumn 2011

Covers: Club cars in Mid-Wales; Homage aux Mini Marcos at Le Mans (poster).
The ongoing saga of the Berlin Moulds by Michael Horsley.
Unusual German Styling - Dirk Papalys’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8422.
MOC/MMOC Book Club: The Enthusiasts’ Guide to Buying a Classic british Sports Car.
Mini Marcos Parading at Le Mans by Céline Cettour.
Christopher Lawrence (1933-2011) - obituary.
More Trouble for Mike Perkins (Bath).
Just Married - congratulations to Ewen Sergison and Victoria (Mini Marcos 7055).
Mini Marcos Rebuild (Part Two) by Peter Bremner.
Midas Owners Club Open Day by Michael Horsley.
Update from Down Under from Paul Mitchell, South Australia (Taylorspeed Jem SRH 615).
How Would You Do It? by Ian Croft (Midas Mk. 3).
Mini Briefs and Bloomers - round-up of members’s news.
Up, Up and Away - with Mabel by Neil Franklin and Gary Wyatt. Midas in the Alps and Massif Centrale.
Technical article from Bent Larsen, Denmark - Repairs.
Prescott - La Vie en Bleu - Mike White's Marcos Heritage Mk.III, NOT 4F at the hillclimb venue.
Midas Mods by Michael (Horsley?).

Winter 2011

Covers: Dave Munsey’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV in USA; Don Dalton’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV DH8316 at an unknown event.
Wheels and Tyres by John Dickens.
Spirit of the Sixties - Dyrham Park Hillclimb, 2nd October 2011.
A Letter From America by Dave Munsey, Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8102.
Save Our Seals (windscreen rubbers, that is) by Alistair Courtney.
Classic Events in France 2012 - Le Mans Classic and Angoulème.
Le Mini Marcos Owners Club - article from Maxi Austin magazine, Octobre 2011.
Test Pilot from Canada - Iain Ayre takes the Marcos Heritage Mk.VI demonstrator on a 2,300 mile road test around Europe.
Insurers can be “Tyresome” - advice on tyres for Midas Gold Coupé and Convertible.
Analysis of Possible Modifications to an A Series Engine by Paul Crocker.
Electrical Head Scratchers (no, not the latest gadget) by Michael (Horsley I presume).
Prescott Hillclimb Open Classic Car Event 12/13 May 2012.

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