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Spring 2012

Covers: Midas cars at Stoneleigh 2011; José Philipe Nogueira’s Mini Marcos in Portugal.
The Restoration of a Classic Kit Car - DH 8313 (KGV 215V) by Simon Robinson.
Letters: Mini Marcos Sills, Headlining Kept in Place.
Notices of AGMs at Stoneleigh (both clubs).
More Midas Troubles by Mike Perkins.
Drivers in France to carry a breathalyser.
Portuguese Power - José Philipe Nogueira’s class win in the Portuguese National Cup 2011 for classic cars under 1300cc.
Us and our Midas - a process of selection by Michael Horsley.
Wow - they Look Amazing - Vynil sill protectors for Mini Marcos.
The Mini Marcos Affair - DH 8227 (BNB 38T) by Carlos Maciel (Portugal).
Midas Cars - a Short History, Part 1 Midas Cars Ltd. (Oldham and Corby).
The Long and Winding Road - Prewscott Hillclimb Open Classic Car Event 12/13 May.
Compressed Air Powered Car.
Australian Report - Phil Huxtable’s Mini Jem (RDA 994) wins awards at Mini Meet 2012.

Summer 2012

Covers: Midas and Mini Marcos at Auto-Technica Essen; Neil Bayliss, Mini Marcos Mk.IV, crosses a ford.
Techno Classica 2012, Essen by Peter Camping. Includes Dirk Palapys’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8422.
Stoneleigh - a Midas Perspective by Michael Horsley and Mike Perkins.
Mini marcos Owners Club AGM Notes by Roger Garland.
Mini Marcos Club Mug; Midas Owners Club Regalia.
Something to do in the Shed by Graham Bichard.
Midas History (continued); Alternative Cars Limited, supplier of Midas kits.
A Fantastic French Mini Jem (838 CYH) by Patrick Gicquel.
... and now a Superb English Mini Jem, RS-M2-1091, UKD 101H, by Jeremy Harrison.
Rare Mini Mare-Innocenti by John Stanmeyer - Italian Mini beach car conversion.
Le Mans Classic (preview) by Roger and Mel Garland.
MMOC Membership Renewal Time; Stoneleigh club stand photo.
So where did it all begin? by Stefan Wray - early photos of D.A.R.T.
Portuguese Man in the Wars by Carlos Maciel, DH 8277 and Mini-based Cannon Trike.
Prescott Hill Climb - Classic Car Event by Roger Garland,
Tools explained (joke filler).
Marcos Sprint Day at Curborough, featuring Howard Plant MM7506, Robin Maitland MM7232 and Roger Garland MM9049.
For Sale: Mini Marcos UFS 122H, Mini Jem MR MS 1019; Fellpoint Mini Jem Chassis Plates.

Autumn 2012

Covers: Gulf-liveried Mini Marcos up a track; Midas line-up at Stoneleigh.
More Trouble - for Mike the Mustard Midas Perkins. Plug lead problem sorted.
Tony Fysh’s Mini Jem Mk.2 at Croft (with a Reliant Sabre Six).
Charlie Dodds - RIP: Obituary by Phil Sharp.
How heavy is a Mini Jem? Mini Jem mugs now available.
Show Report - Rare Breeds at Haymes Museum by Mike Perkins
A Bit More About Haynes Rare Breeds by Michael Horsley,
Le Mans Classic 2012 - mega report and photos by Roger Garland.
Full Steam to Fawley - invitation to display at Fawley Hill Museum.
Silverstone Classic 2012 - by Tim Frankland (Mini Marcos MK.IV 8330.
Midas Workshop Open Day 2012 by Michael Horsley.
Does the Front Look Odd to You? - what looks like a 1967 Mini Sprint Traveller.
News from Japan - Bunzou Yasuda, Mini Marcos 6002 undergoing restoration.
Swiss Marcos Club relaunched.
Splendid Slovak Mini Marcos - MM 7050 now owned by Emil Puras.
Routes to Ownership 2 by Michael Horsley.
For Sale: Mini Marcos Mk.III 7504, Mini Marcos Mk.V OIA 228 (B), Mini Marcos Mk.III 7364, Mini Marcos Mk.IV 8003.

Winter 2012

Covers: Midas and Mini Marcos cars at Castle Combe action day.
The Night Before Christmas by Roger Garland.
Maximum Nini’s Urban Legends: the 1966 Le Mans Mini Marcos by Jeroen Booij.
West Midland Mini Show - report by Richard Porter.
Automobile Air Conditioning - a tall story by Roger Garland.
A SAXY Tale (MM9014, SAX 89Y) by Simon John.
More Motoring Mysteries; Keep Safe - It’s a Jungle Out There!
Well and Truly Written Off - David Cowan’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV DH8389.
Bio Fuel Compatibility by John Dickens, Technical Adviser.
Not Quite Your Average Mini Marcos - Neil Bayliss takes his Mk.IV CDC 466T to Hungary.
Rally’s at Moffat by Mike Perkins.
An Interesting Letter from the DVLA for UK Drivers (of per-1960 registered cars.
Mystery Mini Marcos post card found by Dirk Palapys
Show Report - Exeter Westpoint Kit Car Show.
Rear Hatch Gas Struts for early Midas by Michael Horsley.
Another First for the MMOC - latest news on DH8227, first road-legal Mini Marcos in Portugal (FR-40-17).
Car for sale - Axel Desjardins’ Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM7065.

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