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Spring 2013

Covers: Paul Mitchell’s Mini Jem (part of), Mini Moke.
Carfest South 2013 - preview by Simon Robinson; Austrian Mini Weekend.
Mr Marcos will soon be 83!! - birthday celebration at Clevedon.
Annual General Meeting - announcement. (Also Midas OC AGM)
Making My Marque DVD.
Some Tyre Info from Way Back by Michael Horsley.
Mini Jem Update from Jeremy Harrison (RS-M2-1091).
A Mixture from Neil: two Midases and a Mini Jem Estate.
For Sale - Mini Jem Mk.3, MR-MS-F-1019.
Australian Jem - Are They Ever Finished? by Paul Mitchell (Taylorspeed Jem).
The History of the S.U. Carburetter courtesy of Burlen Fuel Systems.

Summer 2013

Covers: Richard Delaney with Jem Marsh at Clevedon; Guy Humphries, Richard Porter and Andrew Tyndale with their cars at Mugello Circuit.
Jem Marsh’s 83rd birthday bash at Clevedon, Somerset by Richard Delaney (DH 8269).
AGM 2013 notes and accounts.
Four Weekends in April - May by David Johnsson (Midas): Bristol Classic Car Show, National Trust Tyntesfield Classic Car and Bike Show, Stoneleigh Kit Car Show and Prescott Charity Classic Car Hill Climb.
Was It a Mistake? Glassware needed for Paul Crocker’s Mini Marcos.
One Lump or Two? - some history of the Marcos ireland cars from Eamonn Ludwidge.
36th Nottinghamshire Classic Car Show - report by Richard Streets (Midas).
Aussie Summer Shows - round-up by Paul Mitchell.
A Different Take on Midas by Kelvin Kinkaid.
Midas Owners Club AGM.
Mini Marcos Mark IV - for sale in South Yorkshire (DH 8251).
Many Hands Make Light Work (or maybe the front indicator) - Grimley Raceway and a burnt piston.
Heated Front Windscreen Project by Alan 'Dunowho' (Midas).
Book Review: Dune Buggy Handbook.
King of Winchester - Geoff stands down as “Mini Specials Guru”
Galvanised Subframes by Alastair Courtney (Midas, but applicable to Mini Marcos)
Fancy working on a major project? - Mini Marcos Mk.III for sale.
London - Brighton Mini Run - Midas and Mini Marcos on Madiera Drive.
Mini Marcos Windscreens; Photo of Neil Bayliss’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV (CDC 466T).

Autumn 2013

Covers: Bernard Couly’s Midas Bronze in Belgium; Midas owners with silly hats.
Haynes Rare Breeds Show - report by Michael Horsley
Another Mini Marcos under restoration - Chris Shackleton’s DH 8158 (XHS 674).
Weather protection by Michael and Josie.
Another Aussie Mini Marcos by Steve Schmidt.
Advertisement: Smart Bodyshop Ltd.
Gert-Jan Westerveld & Deborah Oostveen - Marriage congratulations (fish-eye photo in GJ’s Mini Marcos).
Chatter from the Bard of Bath - scams, tips and weak jokes.
Mini Jem Registration Issue - Jim and Kerrin Williams’s Mk.1 Mini Jem, EBY 698D.
Lost and Found ..... Bought and Sold - Lester Stenson’s Mini Marcos 7145, LAM 619F.
Advertisement: Footman James
Midas Factory Open Day (21/7/2013) by David Johnson.
For Sale - Marcos Ltd Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DUF 110L.
Feature article: Painting a GRP body shell by Alistair Courtney.
A letter from our German korrespondent (Niels Koschke) with photo of Hans Joachim Lenzen’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV.
Belgian Bronze - Bernard Couly’ Midas.
Another Mk. VI on the way? Tim Greenhill has some questions.
Suzuka International Circuit - Junichi Okamura’s Mini Marcos Mk.III.
In a Workshop near Frankfurt - Thomas Ostheimer’s Mini Marcos Mk.III.
Appeal: Bring Birkin’s Bentley Back to Brooklands.
Mini Marcos Regalia Request.
Where was everybody? Mike Perkins is all on his own at some shows.
More post from Belgium - Jean-Luc Fauconnier’s Mini Marcos 7015.
Unwanted Cars Raise Money for Charity - Not Mini Marcoses of course!

Winter 2013

Covers: Mini Marcos Mk.III at Angoulème; Mini Marcos and Midas stands at Castle Combe.
Le Mans Classic 2014 - without doubt the greatest classic car event on the globe.
A New Marcos Sports Car — Maybe
Castle Combe Mini World Track Day 28th September.
Exeter Kit Car Show / Painting a GRP Bodyshell from Mike Perkins.
Bremen Classic Motorshow - promotion.
Angoulème - Circuit des Remparts by John McIntyre, including Jeff Bardet’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV DH8383.
Exeter Kit Car Show - Westpoint (2) by Dave Fensom.
Caught Red Handed - Jem autographs a Marcos glovebox door.
Drain Hole Kits.
From Scotland to the Channel Islands by Maurice Fitzgerald, Mini Marcos Mk.III 7504.
For Sale - Mini Marcos Mk.III (same car)
Events in France, 21st-22nd September 2013 - From a Midas Perspective by David Johnson.
It's not all about the Dogs, Bacon and Pastries - Great Dane (Kit Car article by Robin Bye on Mini Marcos Mk.IV 8081.
An Update from Bradford-on-Avon - photo from Brian Davage.
Mini Jem Mystery Solved - Ian Hall's Mini Jem.
One minute all is well.........
For Sale: Mini Marcos Mk.IV DH8390, WTJ 638W and Mini Marcos Mk.IV DH8219, 3777 VB (and a Midas Mug).

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