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Cars of the Month 2010

This page lists the photos featured on the home page during 2010. (Slideshow)

MM 8067 January: Martin and James Rose’s Marcos Limited Mk.IV, now owned by Cody Tree. (M. Rose) July July: Neil Kilbane’s D&H Mini Marcos Mk.IV hits the road following a ground-up restoration in the Republic of Ireland. (N. Kilbane)
DH 8190 February: Kevin Mitchell’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8190, at Sudeley Castle during the Marcos 50 celebrations. (R. Porter) (larger image) DH8405 at Le Mans Classic, 2010 August: Grégory Bersihand’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8405 at the Le Mans Classic meeting on 10th July 2010.
RS LWR 1119 March: Patrick Nicloas’s recently restored lightweight racing Jem, RS-LWR-1119. Location, photographer and photoshopper unknown (larger image). 8007 September: David Churchill’s Speedwell badged Marcos Limited Mk. IV, MM8007. This car is up for sale again at a rediculous price (by a dealer of course).
MJ 1026 April: Lionel Couche’s racing Mini Jem Mk.2 in France. Mk.VI 007 October: No prizes if you guessed wht this month’s COTM would be. Congratulations to Lee Pashley for getting the first Mk. VI after the demonstrator on the road in the UK. And it's number 007 - licensed to thrill! (larger image)
DH 8318 May: Derek England’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8318, at the Haynes Museum, Sparkford on 24th April 2010. RS M2 1148 November: Aurelien Bini’s Mini Jem Mk.2 no. 1148.
June June: Ralf Köhnle’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV caged in the exhibition hall at the 2010 International Mini Meeting at Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz in Bavaria. (R. Porter) MM 7408 December: Philippe Soulier’s Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM 7408.

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