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Spring 2008

Covers: Alexander Trimmel's Mini Marcos Mk. III, Spa 6 Hours - Mk. III Mini Marcos no. 75.
The Rise, Fall and Rise again of Marcos BNE 277B (previously 648 MOL) by Phil Smethurst.
Classic le Mans 2006 by Brian Gent.
Readers' Letters from Philip Smethurst (down under), Marcos Watts (re. BOA 964A).
Come Home to Downton - open day in Wiltshire.
Car for Sale: Mini Marcso Mk. IV ATD 184V.
Body Nr. 6061 (now on a Mk. III shell) in the Spa 6-hours endurance race, October 2007, by Thomas Nettesheim.
It's Painted! - Mini Marcos AE-57-97 owned by Frank Morskate.
AGM notice, membership
GTM Cars now under the wing of Potenza Sportscars.
Car Cables - company promo from Venhill Engineering.
From Alexander Trimmel, Mini Marcos Mk. III, plus photos of Marcos GT Gullwing and Mantis XP.

Summer 2008

Covers: Ian Hayward's birthday cake, Gert-Jan Westerveld with Meguiar's Show'n'Shine trophy at the IMM.
Reborn 7421 by Chris Clarke.
AGM Notes and Club Accounts.
An African Odyssey by Tertius van Zyl: Cars in the Park at Pietermaritzburg.
Jérô Chavet’s Mini Marcos in the Rallye des Légendes in Belgium.
Regional Shows: Marches Kit & Sports Car Show; Staining Village Fête.
Car for Sale in SA: Andre Krige's Mini Marcos in Cape Town.
I've bought one!! by Clive Bower (Mini Marcos Mk. V).
One Club - Many Nations: snippets from around the world.
A French Jem - LWR 1119 Reborn by Patrick Nicolas.
Photo of the same car when raced by Peter Burnham.

Autumn 2008

Covers: Richard Porter's Mini Marcos Mk.IV, FGY 359V (DH8277) on the Le Mans circuit, Spark 1966 Le Mans model.
A Hatch(et) Job: Tertius van Zyl makes a rear hatch for his Raubenheimer Mk.III.
Introducing the Cholmondley (pronounced “Chumley”) Pageant of Power.
My Mini Jem (VBH 323J) by Peter Hingstone (oil painting by Chris Golds).
Newsletter for Mini Marcos Owners in Southern Africa: TVZ reports on Cars in the Park at Zwartkops race track, windscreens and the Mini’s 49th birthday bash.
The Western Washington Show: Tom Springer creates a stir in Bellevue with his newly restored Mk.IV, DH8102.
Classic Le Mans with Dad: Lucy Delaney gives her slant on the trip to the Sarthe.
My Mini Marcos by Mike Weaver: LPO 891D (DH8251).
Du scaphandre à la course — From Diving to Racing: translation of a 1966 article by J-P Bolvent on Jean-Claude Hrubon’s journey to Le Mans with the “little blue fly”.

Winter 2008

Covers: Sylvain’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV WSF 157Y, 1967 Le Mans Mini Marcos at Kyalami.
Marcos 50th Anniversary Event - programme.
Mini In The Park 2008 - report by Allan Brown.
Brisbane Marina (California) British Car Meet 2008 - photos by David Day, report by Rick Feibusch.
“Hello” said the caller, “This is Classic Car Magazine.....” by Melanie Garland.
Spa 6 Hours race by Thomas Nettesheim.
MOCKZN - Track Day at the Toyota Test Track 2008 - Mini only track day in KwaZulu Natal by Ian Allbon (?).
Hello Friends - Raphael Blatty with Mini Marcos 7036 at Arosa, Switzerland.
30th Bristol car show is set to be a classic - advance details and club discount.
Mini Marcos MMB 906L now in Japan.
Drama, Fun and a Great Day Out - Mini World Action Day 2008 at Castle Combe - report by Ian Hayward.
Mini Record - 884 Minis set a new world record at the IMM in Lelystad.
Ace Cafe London - Morgan 100 & Marcos 50 Meet, 13th June 2009 - advance notice.

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