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Spring 2014

Covers: Mike Perkins’s Midas in mystery location, Kjell Wiklund’ Mini Marcos Mk.III MM7316.
Proposed Marcos rally at Clevedon, 23/24 August.
Midas OC AGM Agenda, Mini Marcos OC AGM Agenda.
Le Mans Classic 4th-6th July preview.
A Real Enthusiast from Japan - Junichi Okumura, Mini Marcos Mk.III MM7114.
Wolseley Hornet update.
It all started in the mists of time - Ian Croft’s Midas. Fancy a Few Days in Greece? - steering problems.
The First Day on the Road for OYG 300E plus A rare photo of the inside of the factory at Bradford-on-Avon from Brian Fox, former owner of Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM7003.
Modifying Mini Engine Mountings for Easy Fitting to the Front Subframe, from UK Classic Parts.
Quiz Time - two blokes looking at a Mini Marcos.
Original 1966 Le Mans Coverage from Eric Cettour.
A Clutch Tip from the Southern Hemisphere, from Geoff Dunlop.
Givinit Wellie - Richard Porter’s Mini Marcos Mk./IV DH8277 at Thruxton and Mugello.
Mini Marcos For Sale - D&H Mk.IV project near Guildford. Car and owner not identified.
For Sale - Mini Marcos Mk.III, RES 693J, MM7504.
When is an Ibis NOT an Hotel? When it's a Kiwi Mini-Cobra! by Tim Monck-Mason in New Zealand.
Norwich Nostalgia - Norwich Union rallies in the 1960s by Michael Horsley.
A Scottish Mystery from Early 2013 from Grant Wilson. Possibly related to Mini Marcos DH8112 (although doubts about the actual chassis number).
A Question from Italy from Mauro Borella, Mini Marcos Mk.III MM7434.
Sprinting at Curborough (2013) from Grant Wilson (Mini Marcos OAD 480M).
Bristol Mini Day 2014 (Cancelled); Photo of Bernard Couly’s Midas in Belgium.
Same Car - Different Century: Jim Vokes’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV DH8305.
Richard Oakes (unattributed, possibly by Mike Perkins).
Geeen Hell! – The Nüburgring - sold to German company for €140M.

Summer 2014

Covers: SPI engine in Bent Larsen’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV DH8311; Midas cars assemble at Gaydon.
Proposed Rally at Clevedon.
A messange from America - Dave Mumsey enquires about Mini Marcos seats.
MSA statement on Jim Clark Rally.
Chippenham Lions Club Cherished and Classic Car Show.
Stoneleigh 2014 by Michael Perkins.
Club Regalia - Vynil Sill protectors are back in stock.
£1,000 fine threatened for expired driving licence.
Annual General Meeting - meeting notes and financial report.
Stoneleigh 2014 - another perspective by Michael Horsley, photos by Roger Garland.
Best of British Transport Festival - report by David and Jean Johnson.
Constitution and Rules of the Midas Owners Club.
Child Seat Concept.
Insurance Companies Fighting back.
It’s Back! Yes, the “Euregio” Returns.
Marcos Meeting Luxembourg 2015, 19th-21st June - provisional planning.
Swiss British Car Meeting - 4th October 2014.
National Kit & Performance Car Show, Donington Park (advertisement).
Mini Marcos Mk.III Prepared for Competition (KZI 387) from “Michael”

Autumn 2014

Covers: Ed Darwinkel’s Midas at Oosterhout, Peter Skitt’s Mini Marcos Mk.III at Burley in Wharfedale.
Classic Le Mans - 4, 5 & 6 July 2014 - report.
Racing at Carais (2013) by Carlos Maciel.
Alternative Cars - Midas Owners Club Open Day - report.
GPS vehicle tracker device - club discount.
Brooklands Mini Day by Richard Porter.
For Sale - Mini Marcos Mk.IV 8390 (WTJ 638W).
International Mini Meeting 2014 - Report by David Johnson (Midas).
Custom Helmet Painting Service - club discount.
It’s Finished! - Peter Struthers’s Mini Marcos Mk.III in South Africa.
It’s Finnish-ed (2) - Paul Brandt’s Mini Marcos Mk.III ZKJ 923 in Finland.
Mini Jem Update from France by Arnaud Leininger - Mini Jem Mk.3 CT-762-RG.
Euregio Meeting 2014 by Frank Morskate, pictures by Richard Porter.
More Mini Briefs and Bloomers, including Allan Brown with his Mini Marcos Mk.III 7241 at the Cranleigh Classic Car Show.
A Very Nice French Mini Marcos by Alain Versmisse - Mini Marcos Mk.IV 8057.
The Good Old Days - some Midas cars on a motorway. Don’t ask!
A Sleeper in the Ranks by Alan Headley - Mini Marcos Mk.IV DH 8296.
Rare Breeds Show at the Haynes Museum, Sparkford.

Winter 2014

Covers: Ian Hayward’s “RAX” (Mini Marcos 7198)
Margaret Hayward RIP.
Response to “Midas Convoy” in the previous Mag.
The MMOC at Le Mans.
Castle Combe 2014 aka The MiniWorld Action Day.
Mini briefs and Bloomers.
Wiscombe Park - Midas Gold Coupé Hillclimb Debut.
Book Revies: Maximum Mini 2 reviewed by Richard Porter.
A voice from the Past - the Distant Past: Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8224 by John Turner.
An advert from almost 50 years ago: The Exciting Mini Marcos G.T.
Another Australian Mini Marcos by Peter Tanner (Mini marcos 7129).
A Letter from America by Dave Munsey (Mini marcos Mk.IV).
A Favourite Holiday Destination by Michael H (Midas).
In Le Mans with a Mini Marcos by Carlow Miguel, Portugal.
Advertisement: Mini Marcos Mk.VI from Marcos Heritage Spares.
A French Snippet by Brian Gent - Mini marcos 723 YD 22 seen at the St.Goueno hillclimb in 2012.
Mamba wheel centre stickers, Midas Badges.
Please can the boys come out to play? by Allan Brown and family.
An update from Mike Brown (Mini Jem and Mini Marcos projects pending).
Shows and Events (mostly) in the UK.
Midas Owners Club 30th Anniversary (preparations).
So you think a quick Midas can blow the rest away by Michael Horsley.

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