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Spring. 2021

Covers: Midas Cortez P806 JNN in Worcester; Fréderic Cuny’s Mini Jem.
Janspeed had links with Marcos.
Mini Marcos Build by Mathijs van Mullem.
Nearly ready ..... Frank Agius’s Mini Marcos 6100 in Malta.
Mini Briefs and Bloomers featuring Mini Marcos SMR 235H, 6042, 6152, 7342, Mini Jem RS-M2-1148,
Jackie Bond-Smith and Ian Hardy’s Midas Mk.2, oh and someone called Paddy.
Is Your Car on the Gallery?
Ramblings of an old kit car fan by Michael Horseley.
Le Mans Classic postponed to 2022.
Mini Jem Mk.2 1071 Restoration Update by Tony Saltenstall.
Minimorphosis and a selection of nine Mini based kit cars - or at least the Midas part
featuring RNF 555W. Article from Mini Mechanics believed to be from the mid 1980s.
E10 - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - woes of E10 petrol.
Obituaries: Bev Cook (Midas owner) and Remy Julienne (stunt man and Mini Marcos racer).
Regalia, spares, etc. including Mini Marcos cloth badges back in stock.
Update on [Midas] Gold Restoration by John Orson.
How I discovered Mini Marcos (and dogs) by Graham Carter former owner of Mini Marcos 6025.
Curborough Sprint Day, Sunday 30th May 2021.
A quick refurbishment of the sun visors by John Orson.

Summer 2021

Covers: Kevin Daviaud’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, 8314; Mini Marcos line-up at the 1996 Le Mans Classic.
Rob Roy Hillclimb 2021, Part 1 - Will We Even Get There?! by Phil and Sam Smethurst, Mini Marcos DH 8241.
Black Jem by Phil Huxtable - New track car from Australian moulds.
Mini Marcos Mk. 3 Update by Klaus Knoflooksaus (NL), 7306
Mini Briefs and Bloomers including Christian Widerhofer’s Mini Marcos Mk. 3, 7470 and “spare shell”,
Tomás Martins’s Mini Marcos, 7342, and Ian Hunt’s Mini Marcos, DH 8275.
Tuning using an AFR gauge & reprofiling your SU needle by Phil Smethurst.
Changes to Black & Silver Number Plates from 01.01.2021.
The Rise and Decline of MM 7526 by Brian Gent.
AceSpeed Historic Motorsport - Ace Harrison with a complete set of Midases.
Photos: Craig Smith with AXG 295K, and Mini Marcos 7464 now in France.
All the usual spares and regalia. Mini Marcos side stripes back in stock, and
Mark I Mini Marcos headlamp covers are available for the first time.
To Chris [Pickup] With Fond Memories by Phil Shepherdson (Midas owner).
The Aluminium to Zinc of Metals, Part 2 by Alistair Courteney.
Marcos Diaries 109-110 by Joost Van Diën, Mini Marcos 6140.
Marcos On The Moor 2021 organised by AVIT! Motorsport - event announcement.
Taylorspeed Mini Jem Moulds For Sale by Phil Huxtable.

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