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Spring 2007

Covers: Somewhere in Poland; Tertius Van Zyl's newly restored Mini Marcos in Johannesburg.
Goodwood Sprint 2006 - report by Allan Brown.
The former Elmhorn-Troberg Racing Services (Sweden) Mini Marcos, no. 7073.
If only life was that simple - A Series and A+ differences by John Dickens.
Bug Fest - Paul Wylde's Stimson Mini Bug.
2ème Boucles de Charleroi - picture of Jean-Marc Schoonbroodt's Mk.III Mini Marcos.
GPS Speedos - letter from Kim Willcox.
All the Way from Oz - Rodger Howard in Melbourne reports on MI9 and a trip to Europe.
Trick Dashboard - Tertius Van Zyl's revamped Mini Marcos cockpit.
IMM 2007 Car Showroom - invitation to the International Mini Meeting in Denmark.
All Tyred Out - Guy Humphries reports on the 2006 IMM in Poland, and a few problems with the rubberware on the Nürburgring.
Membership Matters - new PayPal facility.

Summer 2007

Covers: Domino Hovercraft, Andy Sewart's Mini Jem shell undergoing restoration.
The Story of a Swedish HUG by Milton (with help from Kjell and Inger Wiklund).
AGM notes and club accounts.
Alive and Well in South Africa - Ian Allbon reports on Cars In The Park in Pietermaritzburg.
Italian Nose Job - Gigi Taverna's Mini marcos Mk.III, no. 7434.
From our European Correspondent: Dirk Palapys's Mini Marcos Mk.IV in Germany.
Stoneleigh 2007 - show report by Ian Hayward.
Club Questionnaire - Allan Brown asks what club members want.
Notes from Canada - Donald Nicholls on a British Car Meet in Ontario, plus news of DH8138.
Round Black Things - club discount from Vintage Tyres at Beaulieu.
Cars for Sale, featuring Mini marcos Mk. IV, DH 8195.
Le Mans Classic 2008 - Marcos Get-together.
Time to get the car on the road - No More Excuses! by Roger Garland (technical manual CD).
L2B (or not 2B) - London Brighton Mini Run report by Richard Porter.
Cars gallery 41-50 (as featured on the AOL web site) - LAM 101F.

Autumn 2007

Covers: New logo and pop-up display.
Mini In The Park 2007 - show report by Ian Hayward.
What it is to be Young by Joost van Diën.
Long Distance Tourers by Roger Garland - IMM 2007 trip.
Score One for England by Derrick England (AKD 52V).
Flux Rescue Service - warning by Richard Porter.
Pretoria Cars in the Park by Tertius van Zyl.
Tunnel Problems by Roger Garland.
The Wheels on the Bus!! - wheel specialists in Manchester.
Mini Marcos Forum by Allan Brown.
Syd Crawford’s Taylorspeed Jem in Australia.
Back Door Graphics - new vynil cutting facility from Ian Hayward.

Winter 2007

Covers: Alan Hart's Mini Marcos Mk.IV, now owned by Roger Garland; Ivor Miller's Mk.1 Jem in action.
Mini Jem North of the Border - RS-M2-1099 NES 900H by Andrew Grant.
Another nice Mini Marcos - DH8176 3318 KE 99 owned by Freddy Cointement.
National Mini Show - Stanford Hall: report by Richard Porter.
Classic Le Mans & London - Brighton Mini Run: advance notice.
Marcos Engineering Appoints Administrator.
Mini Jem 005 owned by Ivor Miller.
Mini Marcos in New Zealand - Arthur Morten's Mk.III MI18.
New Book - “The Enthusiasts’ Guide to Buying a Classic British Sportscar” by Peter Hingston.
How to do it in France by Patrick Nicholas.
Top this for a speeding ticket - old chestnut from the internet.
Special Offer for Christmas - “How to Avoid Speeding Fines & Points” (DVD).
Club Day of the Year - Castle Combe 29th September 2007.
Mini Marcos Questionnaire Results.
Mad Idea - Iain Ayre plans to race a Mini Marcos in the Classic Le Mans.
Snippets: Technical Manual on the web, Members’ Area, Looking for CYT 999H.
Letters: Gran Turismo convert in Australia, Francis Cambier’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV, request for tax discs.
Christmas Puzzle - Classic Car Wordsearch.

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