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Spring 2009

Covers: Marcos 50 emblem, Malcolm Dudley and Mini Marcos outside the Earl’s Court Motor Show in 1969.
Marcos 50th Anniversary Celebrations, Prescott hillclimb, Sunday programme, course description and pull-out booking form.
A Breath of Fresh Air - Tertius van Zyl's fan assisted ventillation system.
Mini Marcos DH8399, RWR 839W - news and photos from Craig Smith.
Annual General Meeting - notice.
Newsletter for Mini Marcos Owners in South Africa. Ian Allbon's Mini Marcos RMC054 for sale.
Door hinge modification and hinge identification.
A Spring Conversion - Ian Hayward converts RAX to coilsprings.
Workshop “Must Have” Tools (and a tall tale).
Members Only - some historical information about the Mini Marcos and the Club.
Stainless Steel Tank in pictures.
Events - Stoneleigh, IMM 2009.

Summer 2009

Covers: NOT 4F (Heritage demonstrator) at Loton Park; 50 years Le Mans Mini Marcos graphic.
“50 Years of Mini” - Documentary Film, featuring Paul Mitchell’s Mini Jem in Australia.
LWR 1119 Reborn - Part 2 by Patrick Nicolas (Mini Jem RS LWR 1119).
Treasurer’s Report and Accounts for 2008-9.
Members’ Cars - Michael Schellenburger: Mini Marcoses 7191 and 9002.
Members’ Cars - Tim and Liz Neal: Mini Jem RS M2 1095 and De Joux in New Zealand.
Members’ Cars - Jeff Bardet: Mini Marcos Mk.IV.
Rescued from Obscurity - Racing my Mini Marcos by Fritz Koch (Johannesburg).
What’s My Car!! - Paul Taggart’s Mini Marcos Mk.III in New South Wales.
Book Review - Maximum Mini by Jeroen Booij, reviewed by Richard Porter.
From the Horse’s Mouth - Jem Marsh answers a query from Tertius van Zyl about the 1967 Le mans car.
Stoneleigh 2009 - show report.
A Matter of Identity - archive picture of a Mini Marcos Mk.III.
So what are your plans for 14th August? - The Marcos Mystery Tour and evening meal.

Autumn 2009

Covers: Marcos 50 gathering at Sudeley Castle, Pete Crudgington on the hill at Prescott.
The Marcos 50th Anniversary Celebrations 14-16th August 2009 (14 page feature) by Marco Smini.
A Trip Up Th’ill (in RAX) by Ian Hayward.
Alan’s 1155cc Motor - from Alan Flick in Durban.
Suzuki Swift engine transplant (photo).
Garden Route Goings-On from Anthony Roff in Cape Province - Mini Marcos CFM12643.
Marcos Heritage - Mk.VI demonstrator outside Marcos Heritage Spares.
The First Full Season by Frank Morskate - Mini Marcos AA-57-97.
UK’s Lucas Ltd. to Build Electric Car? - LEVity from the Prince of Darkness.
50th Anniversary Mini event at Okayama international circuit in Japan by Unichi Okumura.
Mini Meets MR2 for Lasting Relationship - Toyota based Mini profile car by Tony Goncalves in California.
Cars for sale - none (for the first time in the club’s 32 years).

Winter 2009

Covers: Merry Xmas!, Richard and Lucy Delaney at Castle Combe.
The Marcos Range 1959 - 2007 by Roger Young.
My possible last sprint in my Mini Marcos by Allan Brown.
50 Years of Jem Marsh by Melanie and Roger Garland.
Mini Marcos Concept Car - Romain Gauvin's styling exercise.
Newsletter for Mini Marcos Owners in Southern Africa compiled by Tertius van Zyl.
A Talk by Jem Marsh - report by Roger Garland.
Moorespeed Mini turbo engine for sale.
Would you be interested in a Mini Marcos Annual Rally? by Allan Brown.
A Day at the Track - Castle Combe 2009 by Ian Hayward.

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